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All our services are provided by highly skilled consultants with vast experience of working with networks of all different sizes. We understand that each customer has a different set of needs for their network, and therefore there is rarely a “one size fits all” solution. That’s why we tailor our consultancy and training services to your needs and requirements.

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    Network Design

    We can design, implement and deliver the network infrastructure you need to meet your requirements, ensuring your get the performance needed at the right price. Our engineers are experienced in designing and developing networks and can advise on a range of complex issues. We work with networking equipment from numerous manufacturers and understand that a reliable and efficient core network is vital.

    Server Planning and Implementation

    We can work with the full range of Microsoft Windows Server and desktop products, as well working with Apple OSX and iOS products. We can implement server upgrade projects including virtualisation, migration of services, upgrades to existing servers, and new hardware etc.

    Back-up Solutions

    We can supply and install a range of suitable backup solutions, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that data is securely backed up. Combine this with our proactive remote monitoring (which includes backup monitoring) and our remote support solutions, and this ensures that data is backed up and systems are operating efficiently.

    Wireless Network Design/Installation

    We provide high-speed, secure, wireless networking to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a small scale wireless system to cover one or two areas, or need a full site-wide wireless network, we can provide the solution that is right for you. For those larger networks we can provide solutions that offer centralized management, VLAN support, multiple SSIDs, captive portals and more.

    Remote Access Solutions

    Our team can provide you with remote access solutions that allow your users to work away from the office, wherever they may be. This takes away any issues with users not having necessary software at home and allows everyone to benefit fully from your network resources and facilities. These types of remote access solutions are ideal for those looking towards thin client computing or wishing to expand their online services.


    We know that any upgrade can cause issues or downtime for a network, and our engineers are able to advise on how best to mitigate any potential issues, and make sure transitional phases are seamless.


    LCS is able to individually tailor training to address specific needs of our clients. Whether this is training for internal technical staff on specific aspects of your IT infrastructure or general training for non-technical staff in how clients systems should be used in their most effective manner, LCS is able to adapt the technical content of the training to suit the intended audience.


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