Blogging services

Blogging is so important for schools today. That’s why we can develop customised blogging systems to meet your requirements. Working closely with you, we can create a platform that enables collaboration and engagement for both pupils and staff.

Our blogging systems use easy to master software that allows stylish and engaging blogs to be easily created and maintained. We can offer a number of different blogging options, which are all customisable to your requirements:

  • Collaborative blogging systems – to allow pupils and staff to share information and blog both in school and at home
  • Individual blogging systems – for specific departments, or perhaps a head-teachers blog

Create learning beyond the classroom

Our blogging systems are ideal for creating engaging and exciting blogs that allow your pupils and staff to work collaboratively. Our blogs mean that you can set tasks and activities for pupils to complete, which they can upload or write about on your blog.

Using this system, pupils and teachers can access activities from any computer – it’s safe because only registered users have access.

A few benefits of our blogging system:

  • Access materials and work that teachers have uploaded from any connected computer
  • Collaborate safely – within a secure environment
  • Engage your pupils with a variety of tasks and fun activities
  • Improve reading and writing skills and get pupils blogging outside of school hours
  • Create a blogging club
  • Create engaging quizzes and activities

To find out how we can help your school call us now on 01522 718396.


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